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Bio: Rebecca (or Becky as she is usually referred to) is amazing at making anybody feel like they have made a new best friend from the second they start speaking to her.

Interesting Fact: Becky enjoys travelling to new places, it is difficult to name a country that she hasn’t visited at some stage. She has the incredible ability to make life-long friends no matter where she is.

Favorite Food: “Can I say tea as a favorite drink instead of saying a favorite food? (I’ll always say tea.)”

Favorite Music: “Usually anything by The Beatles. (The ‘Let it be’ musical was incredible.)”

Favorite Movie: “The Notebook (I do like a good cry at a great movie)”

SEO Link Builder
SEO Consultant


Bio: Paul has been involved in SEO for the last 15 years. After working on websites built on several different platforms over the years, he now favors WordPress as his most enjoyable for SEO work.

Interesting Fact: Paul was a bass player for 6 years straight, in a few different bands. His closest relationships have been formed with those he met and spent time with along his rock-star journey.

Favorite Food: “Steak – Rare (Ron Swanson would be proud)”

Favorite Music: “I like music where musicians can show off their skills. (like Snarky Puppy.)”

Favorite Movie: “Scott Pilgrim VS The World (his bass is a Rickenbacker 4003!)”


SEO Content Writer

Bio: Lover of all things involving the art of writing. Sarah has a true skill, and passion, for writing content that engages the reader and keeps them interested from start to finish with every piece she writes.

Interesting Fact: Sarah enjoys writing short stories that mix fiction but at the same time draw inspiration by the world around here. They make for interesting reading and we’re always excited for the next one.

Favorite Food: “I do love a good carbonara, or a spaghetti bolognese (I guess pasta dishes.)”

Favorite Music: “I’m still in love with the 90s (Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, etc.)”

Favorite Movie: “Step-Brothers (or usually anything involving Will Ferrell that will make me laugh.)”

SEO Content Writer
SEO Expert


SEO Expert

Bio: Name any industry and we can bet you that James has done some SEO for a business within it. Fashion, Tech, Healthcare, Travel, Legal, and the list goes on, so you know your SEO is in good hands.

Interesting Fact: If you can think of something involving aviation, you can guarantee James has knowledge on it. If SpaceX are about to launch another rocket, you’ll find James watching it live.

Favorite Food: “I want to seem healthy and say vegetables (but we all know it is a bacon cheeseburger)”

Favorite Music: “Drum and Bass in my go-to genre. (Any song by Pendulum will do.)”

Favorite Movie: “Batman – The Dark Knight. (I love special effects & that movie was packed with them.)”

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