SEO Affiliate Program

The Benefits to You

We have put together what we believe to be the best SEO solution for all parties involved. This ensures that your client gets positive results, whilst you get paid.

10% Recurring Commissions

You will earn 10% of the payment that we receive from each client that you refer to us. This is recurring revenue every single month.

No Cap on Referred Clients

You can continue to refer as many businesses as you like to us. The more referrals, the more that you will increase your recurring revenue

1 Year Cookie

We know that businesses sometimes need time to think it over, but once they come on board, you'll be rewarded, regardless of time.

We take care of everything after the introduction (referral) has been made. Once your client shows interest, we will take it from there by providing value to them.

No Work for You after Referral!

  • No Sales Calls: We take the time to truly understand the KPIs that a business has, and explain to them how SEO can help them to achieve their goals.
  • No Follow-Ups: We take the time to follow up with the client after the sales call, whilst providing even more value, resulting in a higher conversion rate.
  • No Website Work: We are no strangers to all sorts of CMS platforms, meaning that (in most cases) you don’t even need to implement the SEO work we do.
  • No Content Creation: We regularly create informative content that demonstrates the true value of utilizing SEO – More on this as you scroll down the page.
  • No Monthly Reporting: We provide all clients with a monthly report that details what SEO work was completed, current results, and plans for next month.

How it Works - It Couldn't be Easier

We Provide Value to Your Client

After you have introduced us to your client, we will continue to provide value to them so that they see the value SEO can bring to them.

We Close the Deals

As the client begins to see not only how they can gain a positive ROI from SEO, but the complex work involved, they ask us to help.

You Earn Recurring Revenue

Once a client comes on board with us and we are doing SEO work for them, you earn recurring commissions every single month.

All you need to do is send somebody to a page on our website using your link, and if they become a client of ours, you will earn recurring revenue as commission.

How We Make it Easy For You

We do our very best to make referring your client to us as easy as possible. We have multiple methods you can use to ensure your client sees value in SEO.

Educational SEO Content

We create regular content that demonstrates just how much work goes into running a full SEO campaign that actually drives results.

SEO Videos

Our regularly released video content goes into detail about every aspect of SEO, which allows viewers to see just how complex SEO is.

SEO Webinar

Gain an understanding of exactly how powerful SEO can be for boosting your business whilst learning how it can provide a positive ROI.

We constantly create shareable content that you can then embed on your own website which includes your affiliate link, ensuring that you are rewarded correctly.

  • Regular Written Content: We create articles each week that let people see the real value that SEO can bring to their business when it is implemented.
  • Regular Video Content: We put together video content that coincides with the written content so that people can choose how to consume the content.
  • Regular Educational Infographics: We have infographics created for every piece of content that we create, in case somebody wants the TL;DR version.
  • Regular Weekly Webinars: We run webinars every week that allows people to see just how much business is available when they successfully utilize SEO.
  • Regular Email Follow-Ups: We have vast amounts of SEO content that covers every possible topic, which you can use as an introductory piece for a referral.

Email Scripts (that get replies)

We have spent a lot of time analyzing what piques interest in emails, which has allowed us to compile emails that consistently get higher open and reply rates.

Email #1

The introductory email. It lets your client know that SEO opportunities have been spotted and that a custom video has been made for them.

Email #2

The follow-up email, a little reminder. This email is designed as a little nudge to remind them that something of value is waiting for them.

Email #3

The 'you're missing out' email. A simple email that uses reverse psychology to get a response from the client and finally get a foot in the door.

Email #1

Hi {{clientName}},

Allow me to introduce you to Paul (CC’d).

Paul has been kind enough to put together a video showing some SEO opportunities for your website so that you can increase organic traffic.

Is it OK if he sends it to you? Just reply with ‘Yes’ and he’ll be pass it on to you (he didn’t want to seem rude by sending it without asking).


Email #2

Hi {{clientName}},

I’m just checking to see if you saw my recent email about the video Paul made for you?

Just as a quick reminder, all you need to do is reply with ‘Yes’ and he’ll pass it on to you.


Email #3

Hi {{clientName}},

I haven’t heard back from you regarding the video that Paul made for you displaying SEO opportunites for increased organic traffic.

I must assume that this is not a priority for you at this point in time.


Example SEO Video Audit - Microsoft

Industry-Specific SEO Campaigns

Bespoke SEO Packages Designed for Each Industry

Because every business is unique and has their own goals/KPIs, we design each SEO campaign to attract their perfect website visitor for each type of business.

Local SEO

We put local businesses on the map (literally) so that more customers in their area can become aware of the services provided.

Lead Generation SEO

We focus on generating more high-quality leads for these types of businesses. We target keywords that will attract the perfect visitors.

eCommerce SEO

We focus on keywords for each part of the customer journey to ensure a presence in search results for buyers ready to purchase.

Every single SEO campaign that we run ensures that all of the pillars of SEO are taken care of. For whatever reason, this is not a standard by most SEO agencies.

  • Bespoke SEO Campaign: We craft a custom SEO campaign to best suit your needs and help you to reach your goals.
  • On-Page SEO: We optimize all of the important elements that Google is actively looking at on your web pages.
  • Off-Page SEO: We acquire links from other websites as it is a crucial part of SEO that many businesses neglect.
  • Technical SEO: We ensure all of the technical aspects of your website are in working order from an SEO perspective.
  • Regular Reporting: We regularly keep you in the loop on what we’re working on and the results achieved so far.

Example of Previous Successful Results

The Problem that Needed Resolving

The client was the definition of a small fish in a big pond. They were operating in a marketplace that was extremely competitive and they needed a way to increase their enquiries that were coming from search engines so that they could reduce the amount of money that they were spending on ads to compete.

After reviewing the client’s website and the websites of who we were up against, we knew we had to be clever in our approach to achieve the best SEO results. We put together an aggressive SEO campaign that we were confident would produce the results the client desired. Spoiler alert: That’s exactly what happened.

Our Approach to Achieve Results

Long Tail Keywords

We targetted long-tail keywords for the campaign as there was incredibly fierce competition from well-known industry brands.

URL Structure Clean-Up

We implemented a new site-wide menu that allowed a reduced crawl depth in order to increase enquiries as well as conversions.

Increased Reviews

We increased reviews from previous happy customers to use as site testimonials in order to improve upon new visitor conversions.

  • Content: Blog posts were created aimed at a specific section of the sales funnel
  • H Tags: We resolved certain H tags were incorrectly set-up as a previous template
  • Long-Tail Keywords: Increasing visitors using precise terms for search engines
  • Reviews: Utilizing the previous positive reviews strategically to increase conversions
  • Menu Re-Structure: Helped to reduce crawl depth and the number of visitor clicks
  • Profitable Keyword Research: Allowing easier communication for new clients.
  • Competitor Backlinks: Getting linked on domains that competitor’s were linked on
  • Device Monitoring: Optimizing content for the devices that users viewed the site on
  • Successful Redirects: Implementation of redirects reduced technical SEO errors
  • Regular Reporting: Keeping the client informed of all the great progress being made
Two people looking at a website on a laptop

The Successful Results

The above graph shows a 6 month period, with blue being the current year and orange being the previous year in order to review Year-on-Year (YoY) results. Month 4 was when the hard work began to pay off as Google started to reward the website for following their search guidelines & providing positive SEO signals.

In the above screenshot, we have filtered the Google Analytics data to only show results from organic traffic and for the main objective of the campaign (more enquiries) and we can see that the number of enquiries more than doubled compared to the same period of the previous year. This was a great result to achieve.

Increase in Organic Enquiries
+ 0 %
Increase in New Website Users
+ 0 %
Increase in Enquiry Conversion
+ 0 %


There are several ways that you can choose from, including PayPal and Bank Transfer. However, if you choose PayPal, you may need to pay their fees.

You will receive a payment once per month.

That’s really up to you depending on how many qulaified referals you send our way.

If they sign up to a €2,000 per month package with us, you earn €200 (10%) each month (per referral/client).

If they sign up to a €10,000 per month package with us, you earn €1,000 (10%) each month (per referral/client).

As many as you like, there is no cap. For example, if you refer 10 clients to us, whose SEO package is €3,000 per month each, then you’ll earn recurring commission of €3,000 (€300 x 10 clients) each and every month for as long as those clients continue to benefit from our SEO services.

We’re the same, we won’t refer a client to anybody if we don’t believe their work is up to a very high standard. You can see our previous results by viewing our SEO Case Studies page.

Remember, we only succeed if the client sees a boost in their SEO and organic revenue, so it’s in our best interest to work hard on maximizing the results that a client sees from their SEO campaign.

In the vast majority of cases, we’re working directly with the Digital Marketing Manager of the business, or with their marketing team (sometimes even with their in-house SEO team). If a business has already invested in hiring people to boost their marketing, we can then help to supercharge the SEO section. Our pricing starts at €2,000 per month, so a client needs to be in a position where they can afford our services also before we speak with them,

We don’t work directly with business owners, or those who do not have a team around them. The reason for this is that they usually have quite a lot on their plate, and can’t find time to implement our optimization that we have spent time on, meaning they never see results, which is not what we want.

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