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10 Reason Why SEO is so important to Businesses

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Why SEO should always be a part of your marketing

It wasn’t too long ago that when we needed to find a business that would be able to provide a solution to our needs we opened the phone book. Now we immediately open our smart phones and do a search for what we need, and who shows up? That’s right, those with strong SEO in place.

Businesses used to have to use ‘tricks’ in the phone book days, such as calling their business A. Aronson Solicitors, with big bold & red letters. Now all that a business needs to do is successfully provide Google with the positive ranking signals that it wants to see in order to rank well.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why every business should always focus on SEO as a major part of their marketing. After all, if you’re business is on page #2 of Google searches, guess how many people will see you. The answer is less than 1%, do you want to take that risk?


1 - SEO attracts customers actively searching for you

SEO is an extremely powerful marketing method as it puts you in front of a customer who is actively searching for the product/service you offer. This leads to a much higher conversion rate of them becoming a paying customer than if their day was interrupted by your flashy online adverts.

Imagine being in a room and the person next to you says ‘I need to rent a suit for next Saturday’ and you could introduce yourself and your suit business. That is the power of SEO. Even when you don’t have the opportunity to let that person know your business can help them, Google will.

We know for a fact that this works incredibly well as we’ve been able to convert ‘cold’ organic traffic to paying clients after they find us online. When a Dublin-based business needs assistance with SEO, they’ll do a search for ‘SEO Dublin‘ and we appear for these kinds of search queries.

2 - SEO provides continuous returns

Like any investment, you want to see strong returns. So let’s look at two scenarios of where you can spend your marketing budget for the year.

In the first scenario, you’ve decided to spend your marketing budget on a mixture of Facebook Ads and Google Ads, with the help of an agency. The agency do great work and setup your adverts perfectly and the exact right people are seeing your business, but perhaps at the wrong time. The year has finished and you’ve had some good results with the PPC/SEM campaigns. But now what happens when the budget is all used up?

In the second scenario, you’ve decided to invest the marketing budget into improving the organic growth of your website, with an SEO agency. Just like in scenario one, the agency have done everything correct by fixing the current website issues, further optimizing, building authority, etc. Now that the year has finished and the budget has been used, what happens? You’re still ranking on page #1 for those important keywords!

3 - SEO organically builds your email list

One of the strongest assets to your business in the digital age is having a list of customers who have actively shown interest in your business. Selling to a current customer is much easier than selling to a new customer, which is why building a strong email list is incredibly important.

When somebody lands on your website after finding you within the Google search results, they aren’t always going to buy something at first. However, clever businesses offer something to that visitor to get them to either convert, or come back later, such as a coupon code for example.

As that potential customer landed on your website from finding you in a Google search result, that is proof that your SEO is actively working. This allows you to organically grow not only your email list, but also your sales, whether it be from the customer’s first visit, or from a follow-up.

4 - SEO allows for reverse engineering of competitors

Whenever our SEO consultant is having a call with a client, they are always amazed at the amount of data we can uncover from their website.  All of that data is uncovered before gaining any access to the client’s website, either via their CMS, Google Analytics, or any other access point.

What blows their mind even more then is when we reveal that we can also use these same tactics to find out why their competitor may be ranking higher than them in the Google search results for a particular keyword, allowing us to reverse engineer the competitor’s entire website.

5 - SEO allows for digital word-of-mouth advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of advertising, even in the digital age. It is such a successful marketing tactic as the person that you are usually hearing about a product or service from is somebody that you trust in your life, so you have faith in what they say to be accurate.

So how does that work in the digital age? Especially in regards to SEO? One of the things that we recommend for all of our clients is to create content (which we can do for them) that is unique, useful, and easily-consumable. This allows for social sharing (i.e. digital word-of-mouth).

6 - SEO gets more clicks

Many people think that paying for Google Ads to appear at the top of search results is a no-brainer in obtaining new business. Sound logical? Even with your website appearing at the top of searches, it is clearly labeled as an ad, and the organic results still receive the majority of clicks.

We’d like to be very clear, we are not saying that paying for online advertising is not a good idea, in fact, we encourage it as to cover all angles. Paid online advertising can work wonders if done professionally, but even with your ads running, the organic SEO results are getting more clicks.

7 - SEO reaches customers at all levels of the buying cycle

One of the best benefits of SEO is that you have the opportunity to appear in front of potential customers at all stages of the customer journey. Many businesses refer to these as separate parts of the journey as top-of-funnel (TOFU), middle-of-funnel (MOFU), and bottom-of-funnel (BOFU).

So how can you capture the attention of a potential customer no matter what stage they are at? Let’s look at buying headphones as an example. You can clearly see from the examples below that there is massive opportunity to appear to potential customers at all stages of their journey.

TOFU – (Start of customer journey): This person may search a term such as ‘Best Headphones With Noise Cancellation‘.
This is where your blog content can detail the main points of the various noise-canceling headphones that you have available to order.

MOFU – (Middle of customer journey): This person may search a term such as ‘Review of Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones
This is where your blog content with a review specifically for one product appears, perhaps with a video for further demonstration.

BOFU – (End of customer journey): This person may search for a term such as ‘Buy Sony WH-1000XM4 Online‘.
This is where your eCommerce product page would appear to them so they can purchase from you, as you have already built trust with them.

BONUS Tip – What if you don’t have the time or equipment to make product review videos? Use an unbiased YouTube review, such as below.

8 - SEO generates trust online

As your content (your blog, reviews, products, etc) gets shared online over time, more people (including Google) see this, which generates trust. Trust is a major factor in sales, & that applies to the offline & online world of sales. Improving your overall online trust will greatly help you grow.

This is another benefit of how SEO can work more to your business advantage as opposed to paying for ads that interrupt a user’s online feed. With SEO, that person actively chose your website from the search results, initiating trust from the very beginning, even before visiting your site.

9 - SEO is proven time and time again to be successful

Believe it or not, you can actually obtain the data to see how successful your SEO campaigns have been, which is actually quite easy to read. Most web designers will install Google Analytics before handing the final design of a website over to a client, which is a powerful data tool.

Many businesses can actually be scared of SEO, because they don’t understand it, & believe that it involves completing voodoo magic to work. They find more comfort in sticking with traditional marketing, such as TV, radio, print, etc. But as times move on, your business needs to also.

We can understand that to somebody who may not consider themselves to be tech-savvy that is can be overwhelming, and to be honest we’ve seen other agencies use this in order to scare business owners into using their services, which to us is just dishonest and absolute nonsense.

All of our clients have always been grateful how we’ve taken the time to explain the process to them in a non-jargon way they can understand. Being on the same page is crucially important to the success of a campaign, as well as using methods that always provide positive results.

10 - SEO is used for long-term success

If you’re serious about the long-term success and growth of your website in this digital age, then there is no better marketing option than SEO. As your business grows over time, so does your website, meaning more pages, which Google loves to see, as they love following relevant links.

Along with the growth of your website as your business grows overall, it also allows you the ability to rank for more keywords in search results. You’ll also begin to organically build more backlinks to your website, which will give Google the positive off-page SEO signals it wants to see.


If you are in a position where you can invest your marketing efforts towards a long-term and continuous return on investment, then choose SEO. Once you have the correct ‘Goals’ configured in your Google Analytics account, then reporting on your SEO success is incredibly easy to do.

If you’d like to discuss these points further specific to your website, along with some SEO opportunities that we can spot, then book a call today. 

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